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How we started


In 1997, Mark Evenden was working as Operations Director for Ladybird Books and wanted to help his managers to be more proactive and take greater responsibility for their own development.  So, he created the Ladybird Successful Manager’s Guide, which contained development ideas to build specific skills such as leadership, performance management and continuous improvement.   Mark continued to adapt and develop the guide and use the it in subsequent management roles too.

After moving into learning and development, Mark recognised that while there is a plethora of learning and learning technology providers, very few have solutions that have been specifically designed for the challenges some businesses have with limited training budgets, releasing managers for training and managing remote or distributed teams.

To address these challenges and provide managers and organisations with the development support they need , he took the concept of the Successful Manager’s Guide and engaged a team of learning professionals, designers and software developers to create The Manager’s Toolkit® in 2017. Our team of experts continue to add new content to reflect changing times and methods. Currently used by some of the UK’s largest companies, The Manager’s Toolkit is the standard bearer for online learning and development.