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Project Scope

Hovis needed an on demand learning and development solution to support the growth and development of their managers and colleagues.  Specifically, they wanted the solution to:

•   Be branded so that it looked and felt like a Hovis developed solution.
   Be integrated with their LMS platform – SAP Success Factors.
•   Be part of a blended approach to developing managers and colleagues.
   Be readily scalable across all their manufacturing and distribution sites.
   Reinforce topical messages linking to company-wide activity, for example during        ­   performance evaluation reviews (PERs).


To meet Hovis’ specific needs we:

  • Provided a Hovis branded version of the Manager’s Toolkit in line with their branding guidelines. It is called the Hovis Toolkit, and looks and feels like a Hovis developed learning solution.
  • Integrated the Toolkit with their LMS platform so that managers can access the Toolkit from the platform or directly from their laptop, tablet or mobile. In addition, we provided content for their LMS such as topic guides, videos, tools and learning paths.
  • Aligned the Toolkit with their existing learning offer to provide a truly blended approach to development. For example, delegates attending training use the Hovis Toolkit to:
    1. Prepare for their workshop.
    2. Undertake self study between training workshops.
    3. Build a ‘portfolio of evidence’ to demonstrate that they had implemented their learning back in the workplace.
    4. Further their own personal development after completion of a workshop.
  • We send out regular notifications (from the Toolkit) to users that are aligned with Hovis’ business activity. For example, during the business’ performance evaluation review (PER) time, we send out goal setting tips, hints for getting the most from your PER etc.
  • Provided engagement support to the business as well as usage analytics to ensure the business gained the right return from their investment.


The Manager’s Toolkit has helped Hovis to:

  • Develop the performance and capability of their managers and colleagues.
  • Minimise the time managers and colleagues need to spend away from their work for training.
  • Minimise the cost of external trainers.
  • Be nominated as a finalist for the Food Manufacture Excellence Training Award
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The Company

A global fibre manufacturer employing 6,500 people at various sites in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Business Need

The business wanted to provide their managers at their UK manufacturing plant with personal and career development support as well as give them a resource that will help them to deal with their day to day challenges quickly and efficiently.


The UK plant operates 24/7 and the majority of the managers have very busy and demanding shift roles. They therefore need development support that is:

  • On demand – irrespective of where a user is or what time they need it
  • Easily accessible, on their smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Practical, focusing on ‘how to’ guidance and advice
  • Accessible in ‘bite-sized’ chunks, offering information and insights that can be digested in just 5-10 minutes.


The business decided to give their managers access to The Manager’s Toolkit as it provides the most comprehensive source of management guidance, productivity improvement tools and good practice information available, providing the solutions and expertise their managers need.

The managers use:

  • The checklists, templates and agendas to save themselves precious time
  • The tools and resources to set performance expectations, manage performance and give feedback in a more consistent manner
  • The videos and best practice guides to deal with day to day challenges quickly and efficiently
  • The career management plans and resources to help develop themselves and their career
  • The Task Manager to manage their important actions and those of their team so that they can keep track of them and follow up as necessary

The Manager’s Toolkit has been very successful in supporting the managers to save precious time, work more effectively, engage their teams better and act in a more consistent way.

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The Company

A leading manufacturer of roofing systems in the UK employing over 1000 people across 7 sites.

Business Need

To help the business achieve its ambitious growth plans, it embarked on an innovative development programme for its middle managers leading to an ILM Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management. The overall goal of the programme was to get its managers to instinctively think and act more like leaders.


The business decided to use a blended approach to the development programme and asked us to work in partnership with their ILM accredited training provider.

  • We worked with the training provider to ensure that The Manager’s Toolkit resources were aligned to the specific topics that delegates would be learning.
  • The delegates used The Manager’s Toolkit ‘How to’ guides, videos and other resources to prepare for specific workshops, as well as undertake self study between workshops.
  • The delegates used the Toolkit to build a ‘portfolio of evidence’ to demonstrate that they had put into practice what they had learned for their ILM end point assessment.
  • The delegates used the Toolkit to embed their learning using the different self assessment and feedback tools in it.
  • The delegates continued to use the Toolkit after the programme to further their own personal career and development.

The programme successfully inspired the managers to become better leaders, helping them understand the needs of their teams, increase productivity, support staff retention and to think and act in new ways.