What is The Manager's Toolkit?

A learning hub to help managers grow
  • The Manager’s Toolkit is a digital hub of on demand resources designed to help managers develop their skills, take control of their personal growth and boost their performance – whenever and wherever they need it.

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Resources to help managers grow their teams
  • The Manager’s Toolkit also contains the unique ‘Team’ Toolkit feature giving team members access to their own performance and development resources too. This enables managers to truly manage all aspects of their team’s performance, development, engagement and retention.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

You can sign up for free here. The Free plan is a simple way for Managers who wish to develop their skills and enhance their careers to get started with the Toolkit.  Once you have signed up, you can invite as many colleagues as you wish to have their own Free Plans so that they can benefit from the Toolkit too.

What's included in the Free Plan?

You will get unlimited use of the Toolkit from any device.  You will be able to access 14 topics covering the key elements of a manager’s role, have your own personal learning plan as well as use the Toolkit’s Task Manager that centralises all your important tasks and keeps track of them.

For more advanced functionality, check out our Manager,  Team and Custom plans.

How long will my Free Plan last?

There is no end date to your free plan.  However, if you do not access the Toolkit for 12 months your plan will automatically end.

How do I upgrade my plan?

You can upgrade your plan at any time by purchasing a Manager or Team plan.   You will need to speak to you employer about the benefits of The Manager’s Toolkit and ask them to pay for your access (and your colleagues’!), through a Corporate Account.

Can I make the Manager’s Toolkit resources available to my colleagues or team?

Our Terms of Use restrict use of The Manager’s Toolkit resources to your personal use only – you cannot reproduce them or share them.  However, you can make the Toolkit’s resources available to your team or business by:

      • Purchasing a Manager or Team
      • Adding The Manager’s Toolkit resources to your intranet or learning management system by purchasing a Custom Plan.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment is via bank transfer on receipt of invoice.

How long will my plan last?

Core, Premium or Custom plans last for 1 year from the agreed start date.  They will be automatically renewed unless your organisation cancels it.

What if I want to change who has access to the Toolkit?

On all paid plans you are able manage your users up to the agreed licensed count.  For example, if you have 50 user licenses, you can add new users, remove users and replace them with different users all within the 50 licenses

What if I want to add more users to an existing paid plan?

You can increase the number of users on a paid plan at any time.  You will be charged prorated from the start date of the plan i.e if the plan has started 6 months ago you will be charged for the remaining 6 months for each new user.