How to Conduct Performance Reviews Remotely

How to Conduct Performance Reviews Remotely

Even in the best of times, performance and development reviews to aid with management development (sometimes called PERs, PDRs or appraisals) can be tense, stressful and anxiety-inducing.   Now, amidst a global pandemic, performance reviews present an even greater challenge, particularly for those in your team who work remotely.  It is likely that they will be wrestling with the complications associated with working from home as well as the pressures of preparing for their review.

So how can you help make sure that the conversation is a productive one for both of you?  Here are some tips that will help ensure sure that both you and your team members get the most from your remote reviews.

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Take a Blended Approach to Learning to Deliver Real Business Impact

Take a Blended Approach to Learning to Deliver Real Business Impact

Taking a blended approach to developing your managers by integrating a digital hub of on demand learning and development resources will deliver greater business benefits than traditional methods alone.  This is because it will:

Reduce training costs.  Offering great online management training means that you can reduce the reliance on more traditional (and expensive!) development interventions.

Increase workshop engagement.  You can ensure that everybody is fully prepared and on the same page before starting any formal training.  They can use the digital hub to complete any pre-course questionnaires, read relevant materials, watch videos or listen to podcasts.

Improve the application of learning in the workplace.  Blending formal training with just in time online management training will allow your managers the space and time to reinforce and apply the knowledge they have learned, in a way that works for them.

Enable managers to continually learn and grow.  Having a digital hub of learning resources means that your managers can access virtual management training from anywhere, means they can continue with their learning long after the training has finished.

Give you insightful analytics about your managers.  You will be able to see what they are learning, where they are excelling and where they are struggling.   This will enable you to spot future stars as well identify anyone who needs a little extra help.

If you are looking to take a blended approach to the learning of your team and would like to undertake a more flexible approach, then The Manager’s Toolkit® offers the ideal solution. Please take a look at what The Manager’s Toolkit® can do for your business here.