We specialise in providing outsourced management learning solutions for SME’s.  We recognise that many SMEs don’t have the resources to give their managers the development they want to and so we created the Manager’s Toolkit® to help.

The Manager’s Toolkit® is a digital hub on demand development resources.  Outsourcing your management learning with the Toolkit will:

✔ Deliver maximum value for your budget.  We know that times are tough for many companies, but with the Toolkit your managers can access great learning content at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

✔ Make developing your managers easy for you.  The Toolkit provides your business with a stress free  out of the box solution that can be up and running in just a few days.

✔ Remove the hassle (and some of the cost!) of training admin.  Because the Toolkit is self serve, there is no need for laborious (and expensive!) training administration to manage bookings, travel, post-training activities, etc.

✔ Minimise the time your managers spend away from the workplace for training.  The Toolkit’s resources are curated so that your managers can quickly gain valuable insights and apply their learning in as little as 5 or 10 minutes – minimising time away from the workplace.

✔ Improve performance and accountability.  The Toolkit empowers your managers to set and track performance goals linked to company objectives, capture performance conversations at any time and hold their team members to account.

✔ Help you to spot future stars and develop successors.  You can use the real-time analytics to understand who your key talent is as well as the risk to the business if they leave.

We are passionate about creating a support service that runs smoothly, results in a superior experience for your managers and improves your reputation as being a great place to work.