£0 per month

A simple way for Managers who wish to develop their skills and enhance their careers to get started

What’s included:

✔ Unlimited access from any device

✔ 14 key topics covering the key elements of a manager’s role

✔ Personal learning plan

✔ Task manager to centralise all important tasks and keep track of them

✔ Development and performance improvement resources added weekly


£6 per manager/month billed annually

For businesses looking to give their managers the learning and development they need to boost performance

All Free features, plus:

✔ Access to the full Manager’s Toolkit

✔ 28 topics covering all aspects of managing the employee lifecycle with over 400 individual resources

✔ Curated learning collections to help managers master important, related skills

✔ The Manager’s Toolkit’s social learning platform

✔ User admin functionality to allow you to run usage analytics, add/delete users etc


£6 per manager/month billed annually plus £3 per team member/month billed annually

For businesses wishing to transform the way performance and development is managed in teams and across the whole organisation.

All Manager features, plus:

✔ An integrated Team Member’s toolkit

✔ Toolkit contains 14 topics with over 150 individual resources aimed at supporting the learning, development and performance of team members

✔ Additional team collaboration and management tools


Custom pricing. Please contact us for details

For companies seeking a custom solution to meet their specific needs

All Team features, plus:

✔ Custom portal

✔ Your organisation’s branding

✔ Custom pages

✔ Custom reporting

✔ Integration with other HRM systems/LMS etc

✔ Engagement support from The Manager’s Toolkit team