Great managers need great team members too. The unique ‘Team’ Toolkit feature in The Manager’s Toolkit gives team members access to their own resources to help them continually grow and be the best they can be too.

The ‘Team’ Toolkit is a digital hub of on demand resources designed to help your team members develop their skills, take greater responsibility and boost their own performance. It can be accessed via their smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC giving them complete flexibility to use it whenever and wherever they need it.

The Toolkit contains 14 topics that are vital for your team member’s development, performance and engagement.

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Each topic tile contains an unbeatable collection of on demand good practice guides, videos, tools, ready made templates, agendas and checklists organised in a way your team members can quickly and easily find what they need.  No need for them to keep asking you!

For example, you can use the Toolkit with your team members to:

✔ Encourage greater responsibility for personal and career development. The Toolkit has a host of resources and tools that your team members can use to develop themselves and their careers.  Please watch the example video.

✔ Solve their own problems. One of your team members struggles to manage their time and priorities.  You can help them by pointing them to the How to Get the Most Out of Your Working Day topic guide, resources and tools.  Once they have completed the guide you can review their ideas for how they will improve.

✔ Develop new skills. One of your team wishes to progress and become a manager.  As well as providing them with the necessary guidance and support you can ask them to complete the How to Become a Manager topic to learn about what skills they will need to develop for their first management role.

✔ Keep track of your team members most important tasks. The Task Manager facility in the Toolkit centralises all your team member’s important tasks in one place so that you can keep track of them.  It automatically notifies you and your team members when actions are due so that you can follow them up and ensure they are completed on time.

✔ Manage your 1 to 1s efficiently. 1 to 1s are a vital tool to hold your team members to account for their performance and development.  In the Toolkit there is an Accountability Meeting Template that you can use to plan and manage your 1 to 1s.  You can also use the tool to record any actions and these will be automatically stored and sent out to your team member via the Task Manager.  The Task Manager will automatically remind you when actions are due.

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