The Manager’s Toolkit is a digital hub of on demand resources designed to help you develop your skills, take control of your personal growth and boost performance.  It can be accessed via your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC giving you complete flexibility to use it whenever and wherever you need it.

The Toolkit contains over 500 individual resources curated into 28 topics that will help you to:

  • Be a great manager.
  • Boost your career.
  • Get the most from your job and enjoy it too!

Each topic tile contains an unbeatable collection of on demand good practice guides, videos, tools, ready made templates, agendas and checklists organised in a way you can quickly and easily find what you need.  No need to do anymore internet based searching!

The Toolkit has a multitude of uses.

✔ Develop yourself and your own career.   Your own career and development is too precious to be left to just your organisation.  You can use the Toolkit to develop yourself to get the job and career you want.  Watch the sample video.

✔ Check your approach.  You wish to give your boss some difficult feedback and want to check how to do so without it endangering your career!  The Toolkit provides you with best practice guidance for giving feedback as well as a Feedback Tool for structuring your conversation and tips on what to say (and what not too!).

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✔ Solve a tricky problem.  You have an under performing team member and need a solution to this problem.  The Toolkit gives you guidance on how to deal with the underperformance issue as well a tool to assess performance, meeting preparation checklist, meeting template and action planning tool.

✔ Keep track of your own and your team’s most important tasks.  The Task Manager facility in the Toolkit centralises all your and your team’s important tasks in one place so that you can keep track of them.  It automatically notifies you when actions are due so that you can follow them up and ensure they are completed on time.

✔ Develop key skills.  You wish to enhance your coaching skills to develop your team members to take on more responsibility.   The Toolkit gives you the knowledge on how to coach, different types of coaching, the latest thinking as well as coaching and feedback tools.

See how the Toolkit can help you to develop the performance and capability of your team.

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